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Meet the Designer & Founder,
Aisha Chatha . . .

Dearest Fashionistas,

I wanted to create fashion that fused styles and cultures together because I was frustrated at the limited selection of clothing that suited my fashionista taste. With an eye for art and a mind for business, I started my own fashion company.

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“Belia Isza”

Originates from the French word "belle,"

meaning beautiful, and “Isza,” correlates to the exotic depiction of my South East Asian culture. With inspiration from stylistic art eras, Belia Isza has taken facets of style built up by well established historical empires and infused them together with the rich cultural heritage of South East Asia and the elegant sophistication of the French.

As the creator of Belia Isza,

I’ve created a company that will delight the fashion world with its elegant cultural fusion blend and exotic spin on classical pieces.

It has been a remarkable feat to bring my creative vision into the fashion world and I look forward to building a good relationship with my customers.
I hope the classical aesthetic of style, elegance, and poise in Belia Isza’s collections will illuminate the bodies of fashionistas worldwide. It’s a new day for clothing and a new day for you. It’s your time to shine as a Belia Isza.

Yours truly,
Aisha Chatha

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