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The Sombreuil Peplum: Lacy, Sassy, Versatile Must-Have For Your Evening Wardrobe

by Nabanita Dutt on 2018-11-13


The peplum is a superbly structured feminine silhouette that has always proven itself to be voguish and timeless in the archives of haute couture. Ever since it was first styled in the 1940s, peplum has continued to hold sway over the imagination of legendary fashion houses like Christian Dior and Balenciaga, and fashionistas who like to stand out in a crowd, know how the freestanding flounce of peplums, draped artfully over the hips, can be an irresistible show-stealer.

The Sombreuil Peplum Top -- one of the first pieces to be unveiled from Belia Isza’s Evening Wear collection – is a stunning rendition of the classic peplum that accentuates the sensuality of a woman’s hip-to-waist curve with an overlay of Byzantine-era-inspired appliqués and lavish, hand-sowndetailings.

 “For the Sombreuil, I took the basic peplum and added enough oomph and drama to its classic, sculptural silhouette to raise it to the next level,” says designer Aisha Chatha. “The ivory white color, and the soft translucence of the nude tulle on the chest, shoulder and arms keep the look subtle and elegant, even though there is no mistaking the richness of it.”


  • The Sombreuil is a versatile choice for any evening occasion. From a wedding or a cocktail party to a date night with your special someone or just meeting friends for a drink, this peplum top will make sure you step out feeling like a princess from inside out.

“You can even go to work in it, if that suits the culture of your company,” says Aisha. “My fashion philosophy has always been: if you’re going to show up, you might as well make a statement of it.”


The Sombreuil has been worn here by the model with a pair of high-waist, faux leather leggings that elongate the legs and show off the tiered peplum skirt to perfection. The earthy texture of the black faux leather plays off against the delicate lace of the top, and the Christian Louboutin stiletto heels with its signature red bottom sole completes the look of a fashion-forward woman who is sassy, confident and effortlessly sexy.

The top can also be worn with:

  • Pencil skirts that graze the knee or end just above the knee
  • Skinny jeans
  • Short skirts/shorts
  • Fitted Capri pants

Fashionably Yours,
Aisha Chatha
The Designer

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