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Why You’re Supposed To Wear White On Memorial Day – And How To Wear It Right In 2019!

by Nabanita Dutt on 2019-05-22

What Exactly Is This `White’ Fashion Rule For Memorial Day?

  • The rule states you can wear white only between Memorial Day (last week of May) and Labor Day (first week of September).

Why This Rule?

  • It started as an elitist dress code in the early 1900s that has somehow lingered to this day.

Only people with money could afford to dress according to weather at that time, and have a light, white wardrobe set aside only for the warmer months. The working class, in contrast, wore dark clothes throughout the year.

Fashion magazines from the 1950s became the `white police’ that supported the idea of Memorial Day being the first day one could show up wearing white in polite society – and the idea soon became de rigueur.

5 Tips On How To Rock The All-White Look On Memorial Day In 2019

# 1: Combine Variations Of White: Don’t stick to the same shade of white in the entire ensemble. Mix it up with a hint of cream here or a splash of ivory there, and the effect will still be pretty monochromatic – without being boring.

# 2: Combine Variations Of Texture: The very best way to create a stunning statement in head-to-toe white is mixing up the textures!

# 3: Look For Natural Fabrics: Synthetics are a definite no-no in an all-white ensemble. The fabrics have to be high-quality and as natural as possible. Linen, for example, with a raw, nubby, handloom texture. Or cashmere. Or 100 per cent silk.

# 4: Beware Of Looking Washed Out: All-white looks amazing on warm, sun-kissed skin. If you’re afraid you may look too pale with your fresh-out-of-winter skin tone, there are two things you can do: add lots of drama to your make-up (think dark, smoky eyes or bold, bright lips) or choose a piece of accessory that brings the outfit to life with a smart pop of saturated color.

# 5: Don’t Be Afraid: As with any color, white is tricky to pull off in a head-to-toe ensemble. But, unlike bold colors (like the head-to-toe red trend from last year), white is decidedly more forgiving in scope. So play it mono or bring on the drama – and don’t be afraid. Whatever you do, you’ll still be standing out from the rest of the Memorial Day weekend crowd.

And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Fashionably Yours,
Aisha Chatha
The Designer

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