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Belia Isza: Where Eastern Opulence Meets Western Styling In An Inspired Passion For Fashion

by Nabanita Dutt on 2018-10-07

Belia Isza…

The name itself invokes an air of mystery and romance from a bygone era, when luxury defined fashion, and women celebrated their femininity in sumptuous clothing that were designed to perfection with rich inspirations from both the East and the West.

In other words, the Byzantine era

Founder Aisha Chatha’s obsession with the exotic, courtly fashions of the ancient Byzantium kingdom has found expression in Belia Isza’s opulent line of occasion wear that fuses the simplicity of Western silhouettes with an overlay of lavish, South Asian embellishment techniques.

Each outfit from Belia Isza’s Evening WearBridal Collection is unique, memorable and one-of-a-kind with beads, brocades and fine hand-embroidery that raise fashion to the realms of art. The brand offers Custom Design services too, and you can have so much fun trying on anything you like by creating an avatar and styling yourselfin Belia Isza’s Virtual Fitting Room!

Model Anastasiya wearing the Azalea Evening Gown

“I want my clientele to fall in love with themselves when they don a Belia Isza outfit,” says Aisha. “The clothing I design is an outward manifestation of the incredible feminine power that already resides in the heart of every women. My goal is to bring out those inner attributes of beauty, mystery and sensuality, and showcase them for the whole world to see.”

Model Anastasiya wearing the Versilia  Cocktail Dress

Underscoring Aisha Chatha’s inspiration to endow women with her passion for fashion, there is a broader commitment to disadvantaged women all over the world. And Belia Isza fulfils that commitment through its myriad philanthropic initiatives.

For every creation sold by the Belia Isza brand, a portion of the proceeds goes to charitable organizations that are working to rebuild lives of less fortunate women who are struggling to find education, healthcare, food and shelter.

“I feel called to use fashion in meaningful ways, and the best way I can give back to the society that has supported me in my own journey as a woman is to use Belia Isza as a support structure for others who need a helping hand to find their own way in life.”


Photography: Ekonkar Singh

Model:  Anastasiya Tikho

Hair & Makeup: Alexandra Kleeman

Location:  Margo Feiden Galleries Ltd

Founder & Creative Director: Aisha Chatha

Fashionably Yours,
Aisha Chatha
The Designer

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