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2 Fashion Trends That Will Rule Valentine’s Day In 2019

by Nabanita Dutt on 2019-02-12

What to wear for Valentine’s Day?

The secret relief that comes from knowing you actually have a date on February 14th (and won’t be sitting at home in your pajamas with ice-cream and a romance chick flick for company) is quickly followed by the fashion challenge of how to look and feel extra special on this very special day.

Valentine’s Day trends change every year, and the two standout features for 2019 that will help you narrow down your choices are:


Be honest girls! Isn’t Red so overdone on Valentine’s Day?

To rebel against the stereotype of a Red dress that matches the Red roses and the Red boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolates, women have been going to the other extreme over the last few years, choosing bright blues and greens to stand out in a Valentine’s Day crowd.

But the truth is this: Valentine’s Day is an occasion that is so well-identified with Red, the color of passion (in the minds of men at least!) that denying this primary shade in the palette of romance is like denying the special mood of the day.

So this year, we’re going to see a plethora of pink instead. Elegant variations of pink that softens the fire of sexy passion with the warm vibrations of true and eternal love.


Did you know there has been an uptick in floor-length gown sales for Valentine’s Day in 2019?

The urge to dress feminine is never so strong as on Valentine’s Day when you’re the center of romantic attention, and nothing catches a man’s eye than his casual, “boyfriend jeans” sort of girl metamorphosing into a femme fatale for a night in silks and velvets that drop elegantly to the floor to create a nostalgic silhouette of ultimate womanhood.

Combining both these ruling trends for Valentine’s Day 2019, we’re presenting the “Azalea” -- a sublime rendition of evening wear from Belia Isza that we’re calling the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Outfit!

  •  The classic, close-fitting sheath skirt of the Azalea is cut in gores for beautiful shape and drape. The hem flares to create a mermaid silhouette.
  • The matching top in this 2-piece ensemble is cropped above the waist with a dramatic, one-shoulder design. Hand-beaded floral appliqués trim the bodice front and extend over the top of the single sleeve.
  • The design feature that sets the Azalea apart is the single sleeve that flares dramatically to beyond floor length, and gives the outfit an unexpected attribute of liveliness and movement every time you raise or lower your arm!


Just go to Belia Isza’s Virtual Style Room to see how the Azalea suits your body shape, face, hair and colors.

To share our love for our adoring fashionistas we are offering 20% off code VDAY14!

Wearing a Belia Isza outfit, you won’t merely feel like a Valentine’s Day Princess. The customer service, dedication to satisfaction and customization we provide will make you feel like a Bride!

Click HERE to see the Azalea in more detail – and let’s get to you ready for the most romantic day of the year before time runs out!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Enjoy every bit of romance, love and goodwill that comes your way on February 14th, because you deserve it!

Fashionably Yours,
Aisha Chatha
The Designer

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