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6 April Fool’s Day `Fashion’ Hoaxes!

by Nabanita Dutt on 2019-04-01

A lot of industries, brands and media outlets take wicked pleasure in pranking customers and readers with creative April Fool’s Day ads and marketing campaigns.

Here are 6 outrageous examples of April Fool’s Day `fashion’ hoaxes pulled off over the years – with great panache and style!

# 1: The Miracle Shirt (Year: 2010)

An ad that ran in UK newspapers announced the debut of a new odor-fighting "Miracle Shirt." The shirt contained a "neutralizing agent" that was released from the "unique microfiber technology" as soon as the wearer started to sweat. "Slip it on and Bang! — the BO is gone," the ad promised.

Those who visited the accompanying website, miracleshirt.co.uk, discovered the Miracle Shirt was an April Fool product designed to promote Gillette Anti Perspirant.

# 2: iPop Bra (Year: 2006)

PopXpress, a UK chain of stores dedicated to iPod and MP3 accessories, unveiled the iPop Bra, a product designed to help people keep "abreast of music".

The new bra apparently incorporated a concealed pocket for your iPod or MP3 player and control buttons built into the fabric.

Available in white or black and in cup sizes ranging from A to F, the iPop Bra had been designed so you can keep the smallest of gadgets right next to your biggest assets.

# 3: Weight Loss Socks (Year: 2000)

The Daily Mail revealed that American scientists had invented "FatSox" — socks made out of a revolutionary new material that actually sucked fat out of a person's body as they sweated. The discovery promised to "speed up the fight against flab without any extra effort."

The socks employed a nylon polymer that reacted with a newly-patented compound, Tetrafloramezathine, in order to draw fat out of the bloodstream: "As the exerciser warms up, molecules in the sock are activated by the increased blood flow and the material draws out the fatty liquids, or lipds, from the body through the sweat." After a good workout, the socks, and the fat, could simply be thrown away.

The socks had been tested on human "guinea pigs" at the Esporta Health Club in Crawley, Sussex. The club manager said, "Some of us were sceptical about these 'fat magnets' at first, but as your body gets hot you can really feel them working." As a result of the successful test, Esporta planned to offer the socks for sale, at £15.99 for a pack of three.

# 4: Bearskin Helmets Need Trimming? (Year: 1980)

As an April Fool’s Day prank, Soldier, the magazine of the British Army, revealed that the fur on the bearskin helmets worn by the Irish guards while on duty at Buckingham Palace keeps growing and needs to be regularly trimmed!

The article quoted a Major Ursa as saying, "Bears hibernate in the winter and the amazing thing is that in the spring the skins really start to sprout."

An accompanying photo showed Guardsmen sitting in an army barbershop having their helmets trimmed.

The story was later picked up by the London Daily Express!

# 5: Your Bra Is Causing TV Interference! (Year: 1982)

The Daily Mail published an article that reported that 10,000 brassieres made by a local manufacturer had developed a serious problem.

The support wire in the bras had been fashioned out of specially-treated copper originally been designed for use in fire alarms. When this wire came into contact with nylon and body heat, it was producing static electricity which, in turn, was being emitted by thousands of unsuspecting women, causing interference with the reception of television signals throughout Britain.

The Daily Mail advised women to conduct a simple test to determine if their bra was "rogue": "After wearing the bra for at least half an hour, take it off and shake it a few inches above the TV."

The paper displayed a picture of a model shaking her bra above a TV in order to show women how to perform the test.

Hundreds of readers took the article seriously. Among those who were fooled was the chief engineer of British Telecom who, according to later reports, immediately called his office and asked that all his female employees be checked to see if their bras were interfering with any electronic equipment.

# 6: Ties To Warm Your Chest (Year: 1985)

ITV News ran a segment about a "thermal tie" developed by the British Department of Energy:

"Our research has discovered that heat loss from the body is particularly important in the front of the chest, and this thermally insulated tie is to prevent heat loss from that part of the body."

Conservative MP Anthony Beaumont-Dark reprimanded the DOE for participating in the prank, noting that such pranks were "OK for the music hall, but we do not expect this type of thing from government departments."

* Courtesy: Museum Of Hoaxes

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