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6 Reasons Why Holiday Brides Rock – And One Perfect Wedding Gown For Last-Minute Winter Brides!

by Nabanita Dutt on 2018-12-13

Let’s face it girls… We’re all romantics at heart! We want weddings to be nothing short of a fairytale – and what time of year is more lit up, more decorated and more full of joy and love than the Holidays?

Winter brides – especially Holiday brides – are always a little extra special, and here are 6 reasons why a wedding during this time of year evokes so much excitement all around:

# 1: Evenings are longer, so the festivities last longer. Fun fact, especially for those invited guests who’re propping up the complimentary, drink-all-you-can bar and want the evening to go on forever… J

# 2: Families travel from all over the country to be together during the Holidays, so nobody important is missing out on the occasion.

# 3: You can grab some really low seasonal rates from venues, caterers etc.

# 4: With a winter wedding comes the opportunity to add unique twists and touches to your special day. Crystals, candles, fairy lights, fireside seating, silver/gold frosting and Christmas décor -- all have their place at a winter wedding, more so than any other season.  

# 5: Honeymoons options in tropical destinations take newly-married couples right out of the winter blues and straight into the arms of warm sea water, sandy beaches and a shining sun – all the things we miss so muchwhen the weather turns December…

# 6: Frankly, fashionistas, summer weddings are so overdone that a Holiday bride excites her wedding invite list, just by daring to be different…


Many of you are choosing to get married during the Holidays, and if you haven’t found the right wedding gown already, then we have the perfect one that will suit the occasion, the sentiments and the season.

Check it out! You’ll love the super convenient, customization policies we have to make sure you never regret buying your dream wedding dress online.


At the Belia Isza atelier, we stake our reputation on making women feel like queens and princesses when they wear our hand-detailed and scrumptiously designed garments inspired by the beautiful excesses of the Byzantine era… What bride would want to show up in anything less, anyway?


This heavily-beaded lace bodice has a wide scoop neckline and long, fitted sleeves.  Shaped lace curves over the top of the hips.  The back is open in a dramatic, lace edged V-back from shoulders to waistline.   The satin skirt is trumpet style, fitted like a sheath over the hips and flaring from knees to floor.  A sweeping chapel train adds drama to the back of this regal gown.  This is a classic, timeless style that will look wonderful in pictures even decades from now.  Request a sample now and see for yourself. Free delivery from and to your place of residence. Love the gown? We can make it custom to your body measurements.

Style yourself in the Matilda Bridal Gown using our “VIRTUAL TRY ON” feature!  Style and share your link #BeliaIszaBridal


We will ship you the Matilda Bridal Gown to try on in the comfort of your own home for free… Wear it and see what changes in sizing or execution you would like. We will hurry up the adjustments and make sure you have your dream wedding gown ready and custom fitted just for you, in no time at all!

Congratulations, Holiday Brides!

Our 25% discount is a special offer just for you because we just love, love, love the romance of a winter wedding! Wish we were there...

Drop us a hello info@beliaisza and let’s start your bedazzled journey!

Fashionably Yours,
Aisha Chatha
The Designer

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